Wow, I just love this tree. It is in Cassville, Missouri, about 10 miles past our place going North. Hope everyone is having a happy and healthy Fall and getting excited about Christmas. Our trees will be here soon, so make sure to get a fresh fir from us…our needles don’t drop (much)! ¬†And get your wreaths here, too!! ¬†Pickup in Garfield or Bentonville.

Get your Ginko at Perennials Etc

Ginko Tree in the fall from Perennials ETC

Spring is Here! (2015)

We are open for the season. Cherry and other fruit trees, strawberries, rhubarb, perennials, herbs, statuary, and all your pump and water-garden supplies. Get ready for blooming season. If you need help getting your pond ready, let us know!

Spring is here…. yipppeeee!

Pretty pointsettas

Merry Christmas



We still have a few Christmas trees left

Pretty, fresh, smell oh so good.


Razorback gift ideas


Merry Christmas

Hi, testing posting from the phone.


Love the smell of Pine for Christmas

Christmas Trees!


Christmas Trees are HERE.. Fresh as can be. The best Trees in NW Arkansas.

Our trees are the freshest, last the longest, and smell the best. We picked them up ourselves from the Tennessee/North Carolina mountains and cut them fresh and placed them in water. You can’t get a better tree. Come see how beautiful they are and pick up a fresh wreath while you are at it!




Taken at night this picture does not do justice to the color … it is sooo blue.

Aluminum sulphate does the trick (for pink use lime).



New Iphone

Sue got a new Iphone and is in the process of learning how to post images and thoughts to her blog. Stay tuned…